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The Process - Custom Frames

I only take a few frame builds on per year, so I understand if the you don't wish to wait that long. 


All frames I make will be made right or they won't be done at all, the frame you do receive will be made using the best materials from Reynolds or Columbus. 


Every frame will have lots of thought to make sure its perfect for you and will be made to the highest standard I am capable of. 

Frames I make will be Tig welded and will have brazed areas where they make sense. 

Once I get to your frame and everything is decided, it will take around 8 to 12 weeks to complete, this can vary on the frame design and paint choices. 

I can also offer full builds this is something that would be confirmed with the frame and ordered at the same time as frame materials. An extra deposit will be taken for this.


Find out what bike you have in mind. This is simple so I can decide whether this is a job for me or not.


I would recommend having a proper bike fit done (Fitting for a custom frame) if you haven't already. I recommend Tony from Torke Cycling or Wei from Foundation fit who both fit at Cloud 9 Cycles. 


Time to make the frame and get it all welded up etc. 

I will take photos as I progress and keep you updated with how your frame is coming along 


The frame is all done ready faced and reamed and painted. 

I will take the final amount and either post the frame or can arrange meeting to drop the frame too you

(locally only)


I would take a 50% deposit to confirm your place and lock you into the build list.


I will design your new frame around the fit specifications. This is where we can discuss how you want the bike to ride etc. 

(This will happen once I am almost finished will the build in front of you)


Once the frame is almost done I will discuss painting options with you so we know what we want to do once the frame is done. 

(This makes sure you frame arrives to you as quickly ass possible)


Welcome to the pack!

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