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My Story

From an early age all I wanted to was ride my bike just loved the freedom and the adventure, especially when riding with mates.


Most of my riding was either BMX but focused round street riding or MTB.


This planted the idea of wanting to work with bikes once I left school, went straight into a bike shop from school and got Cytech 3 trained. 

Loved working on bike and also needed to learn how to fix mine as breaking them was becoming all to frequent, as I'm sure a lot of people can relate too. 

The next bike step was working with high end bikes and also building peoples dream custom bikes, working with Bike fitters and frame builders.


I would spec bikes up and also help design the custom frames after the bike fittings, then get to build the from the wheels up. 


This was the big step for me in wanting to build frames I wanted a new challenge but also wanted to do things my way and change designs that often get over looked.

I went on a frame building course to get me pointed in the right direction and spent a lot of time teach myself how to Tig weld and hone my skills.

I also work in Fabrication, welding all sorts of metals but also fine finishing for top artists and client.

This is my story and how I got to where I am and HOWLER was born!!!! 

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