My Story

I've always been into bikes since I was a child and loved it all the way through school. 


I always wanted to do something with bicycles and towards the end of leaving secondary school I got a Job in the industry aged 16. 


I was an apprentice at Armourtex Ltd got my Cytech Level 1 & 2. 


While at Armourtex I got to do lots of restorations because they also powder coated and painted bikes.


We used to get lots work from frame builders it was so cool to see these frame just built. 


From there I started repairing frames and doing small modifications before resprays. 

That is where the dream of giving frame building a go.

Its also where I found a greater appreciation for My father's work as an Engineer and just one of these people that can do everything.

Which is still to this day a massive inspiration to me in things I do and the mindset of " Do it right the first time or not at all"


My next main step was when I moved to Cloud 9 cycles who specialised in everything custom, where I also completed my Cytech Level 3. 


I learnt a lot about custom building and working high end bikes. 

We also had some frame building stuff that was used every now and again. 


I remember Andrew from The bicycle Academy come to the shop I got talking to him about it and the courses they do. 

Jumping forward I went on the course built my first frame.

For me the excitement came from thinking about building the custom bikes, the spec then assembly of the bike and building wheels.


Why not go up a step and build the frames too.  

I felt I could really do a good job with the mindset I have. With the knowledge I had gathered regarding building custom bikes and the components available.

Howler Frameworks was Born!!!